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If YouTube and Facebook were the hot social media sites of ’08, my cutting-edge online friends suggest that Twitter may be the one for ’09. It certainly is getting lots of buzz. So, to satisfy my curiosity I just did a little research to find out exactly who these Twitter people are.

The most significant, and recent, thing I found was this Aug. ’08 article from TIME magazine which states that “the site’s largest age demographic is 35-to-44-year-olds, who make up 25.9% of its users.” That may be true, but it’s also a bit misleading if about 60% of Twitter users are under 35 … with a majority of those under 30. Which is the case. This graph shows the breakdown as of April ’08.


But, if you’d like, feel free to weigh in on this demographic question.

Use Twitter? If so, how often? How old are you? And, do you find it useful?

16 Responses to “Twitter Demographics”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Admittedly, I was slow to embrace Twitter but now I’m on it all the time. I just leave TweetDeck running in the background all day long. And yes, I fall into that largest demographic but I wouldn’t put much salt in that. As an effective marketing tool, it remains to be seen… but as an effective business tool, the potential is there. No doubt.

    HubSpot did a State of the Twittersphere 4Q08 report ( It stated 70% of Twitter’s users registered in 2008 (a banner year for Twitter). The concern some have is the community will be abused by advertisers unless Twitter takes corrective measures.

    These things can turn on a dime… look what happen to Friendster.

  2. John Follis Says:

    Interesting and thanks for the Twitter link.

    Twitter’s growth mirrors what Second Life did in ’07, when that was the “next big thing.” Now, other than a small demographic of hardcore users, it kind of “been there, done that”.

  3. Carmina Says:

    If you think Twitter is on the decline, check out this post:

  4. John Follis Says:

    Thanks Carmina, and no one is saying it’s on the decline. It’s hot and getting hotter.
    The statistics show, however, that for every person who tries it, and continues with it, there’s another person who tries it and doesn’t. So, we’re just pondering the long term… will it be a Facebook or SecondLife.
    Only time will tell.

  5. Jeff "Kick-Ass" Mitchell Says:

    Back in ’07 I figured that Twitter was going to be another flash in the pan. At that time, Facebook had just begun to develop some pretty cool aps and I saw no real need for another means of online networking. Recently, however, I have noticed a lot more of my friends are using Twitter. Some as a cheaper way to send text-style messages from a cell phone. Just pick up a Twitter application for your iphone or whatever you’ve got. I’m considering adoption. Oh yeah, I’m 23.

  6. John Follis Says:

    Interesting perspective, Jeff. Thanks. And, yes, it is a very text-message/IM thing. So, if that’s your thing I think you’re more likely to be a Twitter fan.

  7. Mike Butler Says:

    I never warmed up to texting, so Twitter would probably drive me nuts. To me, the most personal form of communication, other than face-to-face, is voice over the phone. The expression of tonality to convey meaning, plus the instant feedback, gives an immediacy and connectedness not even IM can match.

    As a heavy email user, I took to the LinkedIn and Facebook networks like a duck to water, although I never got serious about these Web 2.0 tools until meeting John Follis. (props, John!)

    But who knows, any day now I could take a fancy to Twitter if someone were to shine a light for me.

  8. Mike Butler Says:

    One thing to add: I am well outside that under-30 envelope. I cannot envision myself sitting in a room and texting the person sitting right next to me when I can simply open my mouth and start talking. Maybe that’s the Blarney Stone thing….

  9. John Follis Says:

    Still learning about it myself. Thanks for the comment.

  10. @trendygoodnight Says:

    Any updates from Follis on Twitter?

    I clean out my twitterbox when I have time and of course, you can’t help but tweet while you work. If you are a marketer I think you want to keep your hand in. Its a stethoscope for what makes people tick. The twitter formula #1 follow/follower #2 add many dashes of elitism followed by equal parts of altrusim and #3 sprinkle with a few celebrities that need to be worshipped. Follow the twitter formula for any marketing project and you have so got it made. Back to my spaceship….

  11. @trendygoodnight Says:

    Even Jane Fonda and Yoko Ono tweet.
    [ ]

    Twitter does not release official demographics. Nick Burcher did a broad survey of the niche survey outlets and found they have their own point of view.

    Could Blogger’s mini me not be dominated by one age group or purpose?


  12. @trendygoodnight Says:

    “Jet Blue and United give Twitter a Try to sell seats fast…”

  13. Jerrell Keen Says:

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