Do people Like you?

There was a time when a friend was truly a friend, and “to like” something meant you really did. That was before Facebook.

On Facebook these words don’t have quite the same meaning they do off Facebook. You have your friends, and then you have your Facebook friends. Yes, they can be the same, but whenever you can “add a friend” by clicking a button there’s going to be the tendency to loosen your standards, especially with something so public where having lots of friends makes you look popular and cool. (My 15-year old niece has 749 friends) Now the question is: Do they Like you?

If you haven’t been keeping up with your Facebook social plugins, the Like button replaced the “Become a Fan” button a year ago. It has also taken over the functionality of the “Share” button which Facebook has stopped developing. So, similar to the Share button, the Like button lets your friends see what you Like, via the News Feed, including the image and link of the thing you Like.

The theory that: “If your friend ‘Likes’ something, then it must be worth checking out” is a logical one. And, now that Mark Zuckerberg has made the Like button king, it’s popping up everywhere. Companies, large and small, are sticking it on every page of their websites to try to capitalize their social media marketing efforts. Consequently, I’ve noticed business owners aggressively asking for the Like on their websites and, in some cases, offering bribes for it.

For example, last week I noticed that one of my friends Liked something. It was some Social Media guru’s “Amazing System” for something. Curious, I called my friend…

ME: “So, what did you like about it?”

HER: “Oh, that thing? I’m not even sure what it is. To get the free PDF he offered I had to click the “Like” button. To be honest, I haven’t even looked at it yet.”




I also came across a web guru who was pimping his dog to get a “Like.” I’m not kidding. His dog was a cute Jack Russell Terrier and the deal was:

“‘Like’ my business page I’ll send you an awesome video of Sparky.”

I’m sure he got a bunch of people to do it.

Of course, because so many of us are such suckers for these free offerings and gimmicks, it ultimately demeans the Like. So, at the end of the day your News Feed may be filled with Likes from people who aren’t really your friends telling you they Like something they know little or nothing about.

So, want to know if I clicked the Like button on that Sparky video? Just click my Like button and I’ll tell you.


Tattoo on Rapper “T-Pain.” (I’m getting one.)